I love working with clients to determine the best possible web content strategy for their business goals.

I love finding inspiration even in mundane topics. Good writing can make anything compelling.

Most of all, I love crafting the perfect page to inform, sell, entertain or motivate.

Until recently, I worked for a well-known Internet marketing firm, which gave me an excellent grasp of SEO* principles, especially as they apply to copywriting. I spent time consulting with clients (small businesses to Fortune 500), writing, editing, and managing a few dozen freelancers. Loved the job, but when I moved to the West Coast in the summer of 2008, it seemed like a good opportunity to start my own copywriting service. I’ve worked with clients in a wide variety of industries, including law, retail, small business, fashion, education, insurance, finance, travel, and more.

Earlier in my career, I was an English teacher, so I know all those pesky formal rules (such as when and why to use “whom”) but also when to adjust those rules in favor of casual conversational writing.

I especially love working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations, so please be sure to contact me if you’re looking for effective copywriting for your small business or nonprofit website.

Looking forward to working with you!



*Not familiar with SEO? It stands for “search engine optimization” and at a very basic level, it simply means ensuring that your website will be visible in Google, Yahoo, etc. If you have a site that sells secret decoder rings, you want your site to show up for that term when a user searches for it. The right copy is an essential starting point, although there are many other factors to consider as well.