Nonprofit Marketing and Website Development

Posted by Robin on Dec 8th, 2008

Most copywriters develop their skills around commercial targets, using their marketing savvy to sell products and services.

However, nonprofits don’t really sell a product or service, right?

But (you saw where this was going) of course they do. For instance, your nonprofit website might “sell” the following:

  • Your effectiveness to potential donors
  • Tickets to a fund raising event
  • The joys of volunteering with your organization
  • Awareness of your vital service (such as a suicide prevention hotline)
  • Your policy views on news in your niche
  • Local activism

Your ROI will be different, of course; rather than seeing additional sales of a product or service, you stand to gain additional publicity, the ability to serve a wider population, more evidence of people benefiting from your work, and more donor dollars.

Nonprofit websites can benefit from targeted web writing as much as businesses do. Services I provide for nonprofit clients include:

  • New ideas for content development and site publicity
  • Thorough editing of existing content
  • Expertise in search-engine friendly writing (keyword research, scannability, using page titles for maximum effect)
  • A solid understanding of your readership; I have experience working with a wide array of nonprofit organizations and can tailor content for various stakeholders, including clients and potential donors
  • A fresh perspective on your site and how potential visitors respond to it

Moreover, I love working with nonprofits–often at discounted rates.  :)