7 Crucial Web Content Development Questions

Posted by Robin on Jul 8th, 2008

When I work with a client to determine the best strategy for web content development, I spend a lot of time researching the client’s industry, competition, and associated search terms, as well as gaining a deep understanding of the target audience and goals. Once all of that preliminary work is in place, it becomes a matter of creative idea generation and, of course, the copywriting itself.

If you’re developing a content plan on your own and aren’t sure what your website needs, here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

  • What are my current goals for my website? (To increase traffic, to increase conversions, to reach out to a new consumer market, etc.)
  • What are my competitors doing? How can I do better?
  • What do my customers want? (Ask them for feedback.)
  • What is unique about my product or service?
  • What keywords or phrases will help people find my products? Do I appear in the search engine results for those keywords?
  • Who is my target audience? Do I need different copy for different audience segments?
  • Does any of my current content need reworking?

And, a bonus question:

  • If I meet my goals (say, traffic and conversions increase significantly) what changes, if any, will I need to make to my way of doing business?

I raise this last question because recently, as a consumer, I visited a custom woodworking site for a specific product. The product was just what I wanted, at a great price…but in looking around the website and trying to order, I discovered that turnaround time for the product had gone from eight days to five weeks. This was enough of a deterrent that instead I found and purchased a similar product from a competitor at a higher price but with a shorter turnaround.

In other words…be prepared for success!

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