Fun With Keywords

Posted by Robin on Aug 24th, 2008

While doing keyword research, I frequently stumble across search phrases that range from somewhat odd to bizarre enough to make me question the functionality of my research tools. Usually, there’s a logical explanation for strange queries; for instance, back when “Dick Cheney’s sunglasses” was a popular search for a couple of days, it was pretty clear why people were checking out the vice presidential eye wear. (If you missed out on that, let’s just say it wasn’t because people wanted to emulate his fabulous sense of style.) While that humorous end of the long tail may not always bring customers or sales, it’s always fun to peruse, and may even provide a few useful insights.

For instance, here are some odd queries related to the keyword “blogging.”

“Died in a blogging accident”
At first glance, one supposes that some unfortunate blogger was electrocuted by her laptop. However, this is the reason for that phrase’s popularity, and a fine example of the observer effect.

“Cat blogging”
Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like.

“What the hell is blogging?”
Adding a little colorful language will help the search engine answer your question, I’m sure.

“Stop blogging”
Was this typed by a hopeless blogging addict–someone who needed to find a cure for compulsive blogging? Or an avid blog reader who reached the point of overload, desperately wishing people would stop writing? (“Stop blogging, Internet!”) Or a blogging widow, wishing that she could pry her spouse away from the keyboard? We may never know, but the sheer emotion behind the query reads loud and clear.

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